MUSKIL is the first ever dual active rodenticide. This patented technology combines two active ingredients, difenacoum and bromodiolone, together with our unique FLUO-NP Technology® to deliver rapid speed of kill, second to no other bait; improved palatability, for better results; and it is safer to non-target species. In fact MUSKIL has been specifically targeted to improve feeding by black rats ( Rattus rattus) abd the house mouse ( Mus musculus) the two most common rodent pests in Australia.

MUSKIL incorporates FLUO-NP Technology. This stands for Fluorescent – No Phobia Technology. This unique concept decreases the normal neo-phobia (fear of new things) shown by commensal rodents to ensure the rodent feed more quickly on the MUSKIL. Due to the fluorescence, MUSKIL is very visible to rats and mice as it illuminates in the dark and falls much better into their sight spectrum than regular dyes, therefore the bait is more quickly accepted.

The use of fluorescent bait is an ideal choice for sensitive areas as it offers the opportunity to better check bait feeding, bait carriage/spillage, check rodent tracks and movements as well as recover eaten/carried blocks and check for rodent entry points or harbourages as rodent droppings light up under black light. All you need to check is a UV torch which costs less than $10.

MUSKIL is less toxic than brodifacoum, and significantly less toxic to dogs, and less persistent in the environment, whilst still being very equal in its toxicity (LD50) to target species, making it a sensible and responsible choice.

For your safety, MUSKIL also contains a human taste deterrent.

Active Ingredients  0.025 g/kg difenacoum / 0.025 g/kg bromadiolone


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MUSKIL Rodenticide Block 180g

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