The simple way to get rid of mice!!!

  • One simple click to set and release
  • Reusable or disposable
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Single catch per setting

The presence of mice in buildings or homes is usually regarded as undesirable from the viewpoint of food spoilage and contamination, physical damage and the transmission of diseases to humans.

Trapping is an effective and humane mouse control method, using traps to physically capture mice.  While a variety of traps are now available, the simple snap-type trap remains a popular choice.

It is always good to know the activity patterns of the mice to enable careful placement of the trap.  Traps should be placed where mice are likely to encounter them while going on their normal routine activities.  The odour of humans or previously killed rodents on traps does not seem to significantly affect their behaviour towards them, as they are accustomed to human odours.

Mice are extremely curious and adventurous animals and will often investigate new food sources within a very short period of time.

The type of bait used may be bacon, fish, nuts, prune, apple, peanut butter or any number of other foods; the most attractive may depend on the particular eating habits of the rodents in each situation.  Some experimenting may be required, using different baits and working out which is the most acceptable.

Traps should be checked daily and mice disposed of appropriately.

NB: Mice carry a variety of diseases, and should never be handled without protection. To minimise distress to captured mice, traps must be checked regularly (preferably every 2 hours), and should not be left overnight.

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Mouse Snap Trap - Spring Loaded (Pack of 2)

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