**NEW IMPROVED DESIGN** - additional battery cassette to enable easy replacement of batteries

plus improved moulding to keep unit waterproof!!

This device is powered by solar energy and makes use of sound waves to repel snakes.


  • 100% safe around children & animals
  • Effective against all Australian snake species
  • Portable
  • Powered by solar energy
  • Long-lasting battery (Unit works for up to 3 days on stored battery charge)
  • LED light with AIS (Automatic Identification System) gives 4 hours of light
  • Effective within an area of 650 m2 - radiating in all directions

How Solar Snake Repeller with LED light works:-

Sound waves will irritate the snakes, simulating danger, and repel them away.  Sounds waves are played for 3 seconds every 45 seconds.

Snakes cannot become accustomed to the pattern and sense it as new danger.

Technical Data:-

Power Supply:  Solar Energy Cell, long-effective Ni-Cad cell recharged by solar energy

Frequency:  400HZ-1000HZ

The device uses computerized inching control technology that is combined with the signal output with DC charge function.  The socket is not only the signal output socket, but is also a DC charger.  This new technology application gives better, longer life and more effective operation.  The variation in sound wave pitch prevents snakes becoming accustomed to the sound waves making it superior to most other snake repellers.

The device has an additional bettery cassette.  You can replace the battery easily to lengthen the product life.


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Solar Snake Repeller with LED light (Twin Pack)

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