Multi Catch Mouse Trap is The safe & humane way to get rid of mice is with the Multi Catch Mouse Trap. Buy Multi Catch mouse traps online Australia. The best multi catch mouse trap!


265mm x 150mm x 50mm


  • made from galvanised steel
  • catch multiple mice at once - up to 24 at a time
  • safe around pets & children
  • no poisons required
  • no setting required
  • clear plastic window for easy viewing
  • compact design
  • re-usable


Simply place some attractant inside the multi catch mouse trap (peanut butter works a treat) and place where mice are active.  When a mouse enter the multi catch mouse trap, it goes up a loaded ramp and the door closes behind it.  The multi catch mouse trap will be automatically set, ready for the next mouse. Great in a mouse plague, catch multiple mice at a time.

Remember to check the mutli catch traps regularly and dispose of the mice in a humane manner.

Contact Peter for bulk orders of The Multi Catch Mouse trap!

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Multi-Catch Mouse Trap Australia - Metal

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