• Monarch Multi-Catch Cage Trap

A traditional trap, suitable for catching rats

Dimensions: 400mm (l) x 200mm (w) x 200mm (h)

No setting required - bait and place in location

Catch multiple rats in one setting - one way treadle plate prevents captured rats from escaping while allowing more rats in

Easy release of captured rodents

Made from heavy duty galvanized steel mesh


Testimonial form a pig farm:

Hello Peter


Since we stopped using the generation 2 baits late last year we have an increase in the population of rats.

We started with only 4 Monach traps back in April to see if we could catch any rodents.

Within the first the first 2 weeks we caught 83 which blew my mind.

I read a lot about catching rats on the internet so  I used peanut butter to lure them into the traps.

I just put a plastic lid inside the trap and put a heap of peanut butter on it.

Since then we have had 36 traps on farm, but unfortunately some have been broken due to sows breaking them ( now only have 22)

May, June, July is when we caught the most in the traps at 1512 in total.

People have asked me how I am catching so many rats, I just tell them to use peanut butter on a plastic lid and put a lot on it.

The traps haven’t got rid of my  rodent problem but does reduce the numbers running my farm.


Hope this helps you



Production Manager 






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Monarch Multi-Catch Cage Trap

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