• Lizard Repellent - 1 litre

WET FEET is a specially formulated water-based material that effectively keeps house lizards away from the treated areas.

Non-toxic to lizards and humans.

Conveniently supplied in a powder form - just mix powder with 1 litre of water and it can be easily applied using hand sprayers, compression sprayers, paint brushes or rollers.

WET FEET House Lizard Repellent dries in about 20 minutes after application. It usually takes between 2 to 4 days for the house lizards to evacuate from the treated areas.

Critical application areas are walls and ceilings, areas surrounding lights (house lizards main feeding grounds), behind of pictures, paintings, clocks, calenders, cabinets, etc.

Through our experience, the four main areas where a number of house lizards are normally found are: car porch, sitting room, dining room and kitchen.

Once these areas are treated, especially the areas surrounding the lights where their main feeding ground are, their population will be reduced. The reason is that without their main feeding areas, there are simply not enough insects to go round. Thus, the house lizards are forced to find food at ground levels where they are more vulnerable to attacks by house pets and people.

IN MOST CASES, there is a reduction of at least 85% of house lizards population after treatment.

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Lizard Repellent - 1 litre

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