The Fox Magnet is a commercial-grade, large, collapsible, live-capture trap used for foxes and small wild dogs. Cage trapping offers government agencies, NGOs and landholders an excellent Integrated Pest Management (IPM) alternative to shooting, leg-hold trapping and poisoning, which is especially useful in suburban (peri-urban), commercial facilities and regional townships.

Trap set includes: Main trap, hinges, split pins and instructions (by download).

Size: 1050mm x 450mm x 370mm

Did you know…

The European fox was introduced into Australia in the early 1870’s for recreational hunting purposes. Today in rural areas, foxes contribute to significant lamb losses ranging from 10 – 30% and potentially as high as 50%. An adult fox weighs between 5 – 7kg and has become one of the most adaptable and successful predators of Australian native wildlife, farm and companion animals

Quality in cage traps is often measured in weight. A typical imported collapsible cat trap weighs 4kg. The Australian-designed Fox Magnet weighs 16kg.

Fox Magnet Trap Instruction Manual

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