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Get Trapped has a great success rate of catching and removing male scrub turkeys from Graceville houses, unit complexes, industrial estates, and other land. We are licensed for brush turkeys in council areas along the coast of Queensland.

Government, private or commercial land. Call peter on 0421630945 for more information or to make a booking on the removal of bush turkeys from Indooroopilly schools, or Bardon back yards any where in Brisbane.

Call Peter when the male brush turkey has started building the nest, for more information on how we can remove the scrub turkey from your premises in Brisbane. Over  decade  of removing brush turkeys from private property, for councils , commercial and industrial, and body corporates.


The Australian brush turkey:

  • is a dark brownish-black bird
  • is approximately 60-70 centimetres long
  • male's head and neck is redder and a yellow wattle hangs from its neck (more prominent during breeding season)
  • females are less distinct with no wattle.


The brush turkey prefers a closed canopy habitat such as rainforest. They also inhabit dense scrub and moist gullies, parks and suburban backyards.


Brush turkeys are mound builders. The male Australian brush turkey builds a nesting mound of soil and plant litter mostly between August and December. The heap may be two to four metres wide and more than one metre high.

The male spends a long time building and defending the nesting mound. Females are allowed access to it once the temperature is correct. For successful egg incubation the nest should be 33 degrees celsius. Once the female lays the eggs in the mound and buries them, the male keeps watch. The temperature is adjusted as necessary and the nest is defended from predators. However, when the eggs hatch, the baby brush turkey chicks are self-sufficient and left to fend for themselves. The brush turkey mortality rate is high, with only about one in 200 chicks surviving to adulthood.

Problems caused by brush turkeys

A mound-building male brush turkey can strip a standard garden in less than a day. If you disturb or move the mound, the male will probably rebuild the next day. They persist with the same location until the end of the breeding season. This activity is seasonal and decreases dramatically towards the end of the breeding season.


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