• Skunk Shot Synthetic Skunk
Works well on foxes and dogs. Use it in your home made lures, it will travel!

Features and benefits
  • Rain proof.
  • Utilizes the natural and non-toxic malodorous chemistry of the skunk..
  • Long-lasting (approx three - four weeks).

Review from Mark.

I’ve used it for shorebird protection on cages around eggs with mixed results ... foxes seem to be curious and the ravens didn’t care about it . Trapped a fair few cats off it too in deep hole sets with wool as a visual holder. I’ve trapped maybe 70 dogs off it using it high on tree/ post sets with just urine on tree ... using it more of a long distance caller I guess ...if that’s what they call it these days. They don’t seem to like it up close. Skunk shot high on Opposite tree sets with no lure worked ok too off memory for smart dogs.

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Skunk Shot Synthetic Skunk

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