Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Household Flea Spray is a unique and effective flea treatment and home deodoriser.   Unlike other flea treatments, this is safe for your dogs, cats, rabbits and other warm blooded pets.

Sundew Flea Control is manufactured in Australia and is 100% Australian owned.

  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Kills adult fleas fast
  • Can be sprayed onto bedding, carpets and furnishings
  • Available in two fragrances – lavender and vanilla (Vanilla out of stock)

Brand: Sundew
Type: Deodorising household flea spray
Active Ingredient: 0.25g/kg Imidacloprid
Mixing Rate: Ready-To-Use
Application Rate: Apply a light spray to carpet and pet bedding where adult fleas are present or suspected of being active
Size: 200g

Sundew is a unique and effective flea treatment and home deodoriser that is safe for your dog, cat and family. It kills fleas before they have the chance to leap onto your pet so you can be rest assured that you are no longer sharing fleas and pet odours with family and friends.

To prevent or treat fleas in your house, simply spray onto your carpet, pet bedding and furnishings for up to 30 days of control.


Kills fleas and flea larvae

  • Flea eggs fall onto your carpet,furniture and yard
  • Flea pupa emerge 1-2 weeks
  • Flea adult takes several bloodmeals daily

Kills fleas & larvae

Treats pet bedding, furniture and carpets - Fleas spend 90% of their time in your house and yard and not on your pet


Deodorises your house - To combine imidicloprid with a room fragrance (vanilla and lavender) in an easy to use aerosol

Fast acting

  • 2 hours - 90% killed
  • 4 hours - 100% killed

Fast Acting

Safe for pets and the family

  • does not cause mutations or cancer
  • does not cause foetal malformations or any other reproductive effects in animals
  • does not lead to reactions from repeated use
  • does not increase the skin’s susceptibility to sun damage

Up to 30 days flea protection - Sundew Flea treatment is designed to maintain its high level of control for up to 30 days following application

Approved flea treatment

  • Sundew Flea treatment is a registered veterinary medicine
  • Veterinarians recommend SUNDEW Flea Control
  • Proven safe and effective
  • Manufactured in Australia


Fleas spend most of their time in your house or yard and only around 10% of their time actually on your dog, cat or pet. This is why Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Spray is administered to pet bedding, furniture and carpets and not to your companion animal, making it safe and highly effective.

  1. Simply shake the aerosol can and spray lightly onto pet bedding, furniture and carpets
  2. The adult flea and larvae absorbs imidacloprid during simple contact and dies shortly after
  3. Your house and pet are safe from fleas for up to 30 days following application and your home is left lightly fragranced

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Sundew Flea Control Spray Lavender

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