• 'Desert Trapping of the Big Three' publication by J. C. Conner

- 37 pages

The Big Three book is a complete guide to professional desert trapping – from the semi-flat open Texas desert country to the high rolling foothills of California.
This uncomplicated straight-to-the-point book with easy to understand set methods, will be an asset to your coming trapping season. Nothing has been left out. It covers cat, coyote and grey fox trapping. It tells set locations, why my trap placement is a little different than most others, why I don't use stepping sticks, brush blocking for cats and much more. My methods are fast, simple and efficient. Don't let the name of the book mislead you into thinking that the methods found in this book work only in the desert! Fact is, the methods found here will work anywhere in the lower 48. This book was written during the fur boom when high competition was the norm. If you want to take CATS in numbers, you'll want to read this book.

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'Desert Trapping of the Big Three' publication by J. C. Conner

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