• '50 Years A Trapper and Treasure Hunter - Publication by Johnny Thorpe

"Fifty Years a Trapper & Treasure Hunter"

Johnny Thorpe's "Fifty Years a Trapper & Treasure Hunter" Book is the story of a well known trapper who is a member of a most unique group which could well be called the last of the mountain men.  The great oudoors is not just a hobby or weekend venture with these individuals, it is a way of life.  These men are entrapped in a time warp and cannot escape -- nor do they wish to.

Johnny Thorpe has spent his entire life as a professional trapper, treasure hunter, chainsaw carver and horse shoer.  he has dug bottles, ginseng and gold.  He has packed saddle horses and worked rodeos.  He spent the last fifty years making a living at the type of life that most people in this day and age can only read about or dream of.

Johnny Thorpe covers a number of trapline experiences and introduces the reader to many old timers and hard core professional trappers that he has known over the years.  He takes you from the farm land of the Catskills up through the Adirondack wilderness and into the deep snows of Canada, and across the Colorado Rockies and into the deserts of Arizona and California in quest of fur.  His accounts of true tales of buried treasure and recoveries will make you want to run right out and buy a metal detector.

113 page publication

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'50 Years A Trapper and Treasure Hunter - Publication by Johnny Thorpe

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